All edits are made using The Chicago Manual of Style as a reference guide with US spelling, unless specified otherwise. A sample edit of 1000 words of your manuscript is provided for free to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

Developmental Editing


A good developmental (or structural) edit will help you get a sense of the bigger picture of what is working and what isn't in your story.

This edit includes in-line comments on your manuscript, light line edits and a full reader report on what is working, what is not and how your story can be improved.

This report will consider:

  • plot

  • structure

  • characters and their arcs

  • world building and setting

  • themes

  • pacing

  • point of view

  • voice

  • any other elements that are essential for making your story stronger and more engaging

Typical turnaround time depends on the length and condition of manuscript.

$0.01 per word.

Manuscript Critique

Not sure that you're ready to commit to an edit just yet? No problem. A manuscript critique is essentially a professional beta read. It includes a reader report much like a developmental edit without in-line comments and specifics on how to improve the structure of your story.

$150 flat rate


Before you hit publish, it's a good idea to get a final pair of eyes to check for any last minute errors. Reading your manuscript and seeing the same words can get tiring, making it easy to skip over minor hiccups that can be avoided.


A proofread will ensure that there are no extra words and everything is spelled correctly. This is the final step before publishing your manuscript or sending it off to an agent.

* Please note that this is NOT a copy edit*


$0.003 per word.

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