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"Very responsive, excellent notes delivered in a balanced and even way. Very clear and easy to receive - means a lot as a writer! :-)." 


                                                                                                                -Willow James

"Fantastic to work with. provided honest feedback that I can work with in order to develop my story further." 


                                                                                                                  -Ruby Brooks

"[She] did an excellent job with my developmental edit. Her observations were thoughtful and detailed. Within a four page report, she provided concrete advice for improving my manuscript, and her remarks revealed how carefully she read through my ms. Throughout the ms, she pointed out specific areas to work on with suggestions on how to work through problem areas. I recommend her service to anyone looking for a developmental edit."               


                                                                                                                         -CJ Skye

"Thank you so much for the quick and insightful feedback! You've given me a lot to consider in the developmental editing stage. Now I know exactly what tweaks I need to make in order to make underlying motivations more clear to my readers. Your reader's report was very clear and informative, with many great questions to ask myself as I go through these chapters again." 

–Erika Brooke

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